Friday, March 15, 2013

Why I can never have children.

I can't play this "drag the sleepy person out of bed" game.

Here is how last night went:
"Hey boyfriend, I'm going to set the alarm for 7 so we can get up and try to get on the road at 8."
Boyfriend: "Sounds good."

This morning was a different story. I wake up at 7, go shower, finish packing and am ready to bounce at 7:30. Boyfriend is still asleep. This is amidst all of my packing noise and shakes and plain old ripping off the bed covers when 7:45 hit. Now it's 8:00 exactly as I write this sentence. So you can guess where I am. Argh.

I guess I can't be too mad at him. Not everyone had family vacations where our day started at 4:30 in the morning. I remember one time we got there so early, the place we were staying wasn't even ready for us yet. My dad was a big believer in "having the whole day" and I guess that transferred to me. Boyfriend is lucky my internal clock is set later than my dad's is.

Here's hoping he get's his ass up for the parade and festivities tomorrow or so help me, I will leave him behind!

In other news we obviously didn't go to Pittsburgh yesterday as planned. That trip should be happening shortly. Yesterday was spent cleaning around the house (i.e.: dancing and singing while moving things around) and baking these little pretties for Saturday:
These are my favorite cupcakes and unfortunately (or fortunately I guess for my waistline!) only appropriate one time a year. Their name is known to cause internet comment explosions and that's not how I want to get readers so...I'll call them Guinness, Jameson,  and Baileys cupcakes of amazing goodness! Too long? Oh well. You can find this amazing recipe and many others over on Brown Eyed Baker. She's an awesome cook (and she's from Pittsburgh too! Double Points!)

Hope everyone has a happy St. Paddy's day weekend! Boyfriend and I haven't decided who's driving tomorrow, so maybe there will be drunken blogging! Bwahahaha.


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