Thursday, March 21, 2013

Addicted to renovation television.

I love DIY network and HGTV. As an unemployed 20-something I am obviously not anywhere close to being ready to purchase a home. However, watching House Hunters and other various shows, has me yelling at the TV like it's a horror movie. "Don't pick that one! The yard sucks! DON'T GO IN THE ATTIC! THE FLOORS ARE UNSTABLE!" Some girls dream of their wedding. I dream of my future kitchen. Don't judge my dreams.


Sad to report that I did not work out today. Woke up feeling less than stellar and it was freezing outside. So I decided to skip it, drink a lot of juice and rest so I don't get sick this weekend. I'd rather be 100% in Georgia (where the pollen makes my allergies go batshit) than push myself too far today. I did walk to the grocery store, so I wasn't completely sedentary. Weeee!

Dinner was a deconstructed burger (no bun) and baked sweet potato chips. Tasty tasty. Boyfriend approved. I cannot bake sweet potatoes without them turning black. I have tried like 5 different ways and they always turn black. However they don't taste burnt, so whatever. Stupid oven.

Also did you know that there are chocolate cigars? Not chocolate flavored ones that you smoke..cigars that are chocolate. That you eat. Magic.

I have yet to pack for this weekend. I bought those tiny ass bottles to put my liquids in and that's as far as I got. Boyfriend is panicking a little, cause he doesn't understand how I work. If I give myself too much time to pack, I end up needing the things I already packed and the process starts all over again. Also I over think it. So I figure waiting till last minute makes it an easier experience on everyone. And  if I forget pants, I'm sure I can buy some in Georgia. Are pants required in Georgia? Psh whatever, my flight doesn't leave for 12 hours, right??

Blogomerating will resume Sunday night/Monday. Or whenever I get my schtuff together from the weekend. So excited!

P.S. Currently forcing boyfriend to read my blog. Hi boyfriend!!

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