Monday, March 18, 2013


This weekend was pretty darn fun.

We drove home on Friday as you know, and had a lovely night catching up with old friends at our local watering hole.

Saturday was Pittsburgh's St. Patrick's Parade. This is always a blast and even though I was DD for the day, it was so much fun I didn't care! I have no other words for the day. I spent it with amazing friends, family and food. That's all an Irish girl can really ask for!

Some of the shenanigans from our tailgate!

Sunday was my adorable puppy's 10th birthday (and officially St. Patrick's Day)! I got her a new tag with her name on it and a new leash, cause we never replaced the one she chewed up as a puppy. I figured since she's "over the hill" now it's about time.
Boyfriend's brother and sister-in-law just had their first baby last week and asked me to take some nice shots of him, so we did that on Sunday as well before heading back down to Virginia. I haven't finished editing them yet, so expect a couple of those as I get to them.

Speaking of racecars... boyfriend was giving me a bunch of shit for taking so long to go through the 400 some pictures I took at the AutoX event. So I finally did. Even if it was just to shut him up. 
This was my favorite!
So pretty.
So anyway, besides a butt-ton of walking, I did not get much exercise in this weekend. Fortunately my Dad is totally Paleo right now, so I managed to eat pretty healthy, even with all the temptations around me. (He also loaded me up with a bunch of sunbutter to bring back-which I can't find in my local HT, so yay for paleo-daddy!)
We dropped in at our local bar for a pint of Guinness and some grub to wrap up Sunday night. Unfortunately it was filled with drunken people and an acoustic guitar player who was doing bad Dave Matthews covers.
And they served my Guinness in a solo cup. Unacceptable. Excuse the crappy phone picture.
So we came home after we ate, drank Bailey's in milk and listened to Great Big Sea and the Dubliners.
It's good to be back, with more of a routine in place. Did some toning inside today, cause the sky was pretty leaky. Hopefully it will be less wet tomorrow and I can get a run in!
Dinner was a paleo quiche (with sausage, spinach and sweet potatoes) that was so good, I forgot to get a picture. (You can find the recipe and more amazing ones like it over on PaleOMG-one of my favorite paleo sites!) I'm eyeing up a tasty beef stew that I found a couple of weeks ago for tomorrow. We'll see how ambitious I get!
That's it for now. Tried to keep it short since I missed a few days, sorry it was all over the maps. See you tomorrow little bloggy-blog!

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