Friday, May 3, 2013

Ermahgerd I herve a blergh!

So I fell of the blog bandwagon. Granted it was a bandwagon I was driving. But the point stands. And I'm trying to get back on!

I can't believe it's May already. The Warrior Dash is almost 2 weeks out and I am Not. Ready. Still going for runs but I just have a bad bad feeling about it. Stay tuned. O_o

I'm in Pittsburgh till Wednesday sans boyfriend to watch my puppy. She's not a good running partner cause she likes to stop and smell EVERYTHING. But she's fuzzy and I love her so she's forgiven.

Boyfriend and I are moving in July when our current lease is up. Still in the same area (right behind our current complex actually), we found a bit of a smaller/cheaper  apartment. I'm going to miss our townhouse a lot, especially since it's finally starting to feel 'lived in' but it's the smartest move for us in the long run. Especially if we want to save up for a house in the next few years. Despite knowing how logical a move is, packing up all my stuff again is daunting.

That's pretty much all I've got for now. I promise I'll try to catch up here more. :) Here is a sleepy puppy for my apology.
Why you wake me up??

 Update: Ran into my mortal enemy while on my jog today. A guy mowing his lawn. To which my throat said "You don't really need me right now, right? Cause I'm just gonna stop working for a bit." And that's when I remembered my inhaler is in Virginia. -_-  Wah wah waaahhhhh.

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