Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter is my favorite.

Because I am the Easter Bunny!

And Pepper is my bunny helper!

However, I was surprisingly good this weekend! Being that it is usually the fattest weekend ever in my house I think that I controlled it pretty well.
Boyfriend and I headed home on Friday and spent the weekend like we do every holiday. Clean the house, cook the dinner, eat the dinner, watch a movie and try to stay awake to finish the movie. This year it was Wreck it Ralph which is one of our new favorites. :)
I ran on Saturday morning (just under 2 miles in 23 minutes) and had a big bowl of roasted veggies for dinner. So I didn't feel as bad eating ham, cheesy potatoes and green beans on Sunday. It's tradition, okay?
I took it easy on my own Easter basket this year, and I have major plans to make that chocolate last. Just got my favorite things and I super duper promise not to eat it all right away! (pinky swear!)

Me and my basket of evil. Delicious evil.
Anyway, we are back in VA now, just relaxing and getting ready for the week. I'm going to start the Couch to 5k routine either this week or next week. Figure a good set schedule of workouts will help me reach my goals.
Next weekend we are back to the 'Burgh to see The Book of Mormon on Saturday! I'm so stoked. Do people still say stoked? Cause that's what I am.
I'm also scheduled to shoot some engagement pictures for my friend and her fiance at Hartwood Acres on Sunday. It's a beautiful park, and the weather is supposed to be good so I'm looking forward to it!
Not much else to report right now, just a short weekend update!

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